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Grim Dawn - Update #6

by Dhruin, 2012-04-28 01:01:58

Crate has a new Kickstarter update for Grim Dawn ($196k, 21 days) offering new reward tiers:

After creating the new, lower tier co-op bundle, we started getting requests for higher tier bundles.  In response, recently we added co-op bundles for the $50 and $85 tiers, creating new $64 and $98 co-op tiers. 

We felt that it didn’t make sense to have a co-op bundle where people couldn't play together until the full game was released, so we decided that the additional game-key in a tier would get the same level of access as the primary key.  So, for example, in the $64 bundle, both keys will have alpha / beta access.

We also have a new tier, thanks to the people at Logitech who were kind enough to send us 25 Logitech® Optical Gaming Mouse G400s to use as rewards.  They look pretty slick and I have to admit, I’m sort of secretly hoping there will be one left over for me.  ; )

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