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DS2: Broken World - Review @ GamingGroove

by Dhruin, 2006-09-15 22:10:00
7/10 is the score for DS2: Broken World in GamingGroove's review:
Still, we loved DS2, and we are rather fond of this expansion despite what other editors are saying (and yes we've read most of them). You won't find a huge graphical upgrade with Broken World. And as just stated, looks like the Zone Alarm firewall issue is still raging on. You might even be surprised by the intensity in gameplay this expansion offers, forcing you out of the usual hack-and-slash mode and asking you to really think about how you progress forward. In some cases, the gameplay may even get a little annoying, but that's ok. If you haven't played DS2, then you might want to experience that part of the story before taking on Broken World, as the expansion is generally labeled as the "conclusion" of the story set forth in DS2. But if you have played the original, and you've deleted the characters and uninstalled the game, there is still hope by way of the expansion's pre-generated characters. Just don't expect to whip though this in one sitting.

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