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Kickstarter - Dark Meridian

by Dhruin, 2012-04-29 11:19:50

I've created a category for Kickstarter, since we now get a couple of press releases a week for projects - though most of them are outside the genres we cover.

Dark Meridian is probably outside our coverage but here's one post to gauge the interest. They are seeking $250k and seem to have a fair amount of the game completed:

Dark Meridian is an exciting new fusion of RTS, RPG, and 3rd person shooter. It gives you a persistent RPG-like character with attributes, skill trees, and equipment, and lets you take that character into battle as a fighter, a squad leader, and a commander.

Characters gain levels and are given points that can be used to increase their abilities and attributes. Weapons and armor are awarded to players according to their actions in each battle. How you play and the choices you make when leveling your character will allow you to build a character that best fits your play style, whether that be a hand-to-hand fighter, a ranged marksman, an arcane mage, an efficient commander, or some combination of those. 

Players can choose to be in the midst of battle as a combatant and squad leader or they can act as a commander, building their town and defenses. Players are free to switch between commander and combatant as the battle dictates. It is up to the commander to place buildings, decide which technologies to research and which units to recruit. As a combatant, players join the battle from a close 3rd person perspective; they can ride mounts, man siege engines, and command a small squad of AI characters.

The game is built around multiplayer team based play along with single player and cooperative play against AI. Matches are highly customizable, allowing up to four teams with any combination of AI and/or human squad leaders and commanders. There are numerous options to customize a match, including an open world map system that allows for thousands of possible map variations.

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