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Fantasy World Engine - Development Update

by Dhruin, 2012-05-01 12:48:03

OK, this isn't so much an update for Knights of the Chalice 2 / Fantasy World Engine as a heads-up for those who missed what is going on. Heroic Fantasy Games has updated their front page and, as fans will know, we're waiting for them to finish work on an RTS before getting back to the good stuff:

Since I'm cleaning up my website's files I might as well update this (very irregular) announcements page. Considering how the Fantasy World Engine is such a huge project, I've set myself a shorter-term goal, to make a 2D real-time strategy game with a map and campaign editor.

I've worked on this for a good while now. All I have left to code is the function of buildings, win and lose conditions, some interface for game and campaign saving and loading, a minimap, help files, and all of the artificial intelligence.

And after that I'll have to paint a set of good maps with the editor, playtest them, finalise Windows, Linux and Mac versions, update the website, release the game, do the marketing, and then finally I may be able to work on Fantasy Work Engine - with the advantage of having more experience and a lot of flexible classes ready for re-use.

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