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Kickstarter - Realm Explorer

by Dhruin, 2012-05-01 22:49:32

Today's new Kickstarter project is Realm Explorer, a sandbox, free-roaming RPG with multiplayer and Minecraft-like elements (digging, building). I'm not clear on the game content beyond roaming, digging and crafting but take a look:

Realm Explorer will be a computer game about creation in the fantasy universe of Gnostaria; your creations.  In perhaps the most dynamic sandbox world yet to be conceived you will be able to dig the soil and mine ore, precious metals and gems all in a beautiful and dynamic 3D world.  The terrain will shape and form to your actions.  Drive a shovel into the ground and watch the earth give way.  Heave your pickaxe into a cave wall and see the stone disintegrate before you; revealing the treasure beneath.  Go on adventures alone or with friends via internet multiplayer and craft weapons, armor, tools and other items.  How you play is up to you.  The possibilities are limitless.

  • Generate unlimited unique worlds.  Explore vast and interesting procedurally generated sandbox worlds set in the fantasy universe of Gnostaria.  
  • Play online with friends via internet multiplayer or enjoy a single player world.
  • Built in server browser.  Find other games or host your own.
  • Persistent game worlds.  Play now and come back to the same world later, just as you left it.  Multiplayer games can be hosted indefinitely online for public or private worlds.
  • Shape the terrain.  Dig anywhere using shovels and pickaxes.  Mine resources from natural caves, raise or demolish hills and mountains or construct tunnels.
  • Cut down trees to clear land and collect lumber.
  • Craft and create any item in the game.  There are hundreds of weapons, armor, clothing and more.  If it's in the game you can make it.  Use the resources you gather to make new and better items.
  • Unique crafting system.  Use a combination of “hand tools” (e.g. hammers, scissors, saws) in your inventory and “craft stations” (e.g. forges, anvils, looms, tanning racks) to construct different items.
  • Complete character customization.  Change facial features, hair style, facial hair, skin color and more.  Choose between either male or female characters.
  • See what you wear.  Armor and clothing are visually represented on your game character on a piece-by-piece basis.  Mix and match armor and clothing pieces for utility or style.  You can wear a different boot on each foot or a different glove on each hand.  Your character will look like what you are wearing.
  • Visible backpacks and belt pouches.  Additional inventory-extending containers like backpacks, rucksacks, belt pouches and belt packs can be worn and are visually represented on your character.
  • Expand your inventory slots.  Different types of containers will give you more usable inventory space.
  • RPG elements including character skills and character development.  The more you perform actions the more your skills related to those actions increase.  For a pure sandbox experience players can turn off skills and focus entirely on gathering resources and building.
  • Drop items.  Pick them up later.  Items you drop on the ground appear and can be seen or taken by other players (or NPCs).
  • Physics.  Realm Explorer makes use of a physics engine for various gameplay elements.
  • Future game modes including multiplayer co-operative “Defense” mode, where players work together to hold off waves of incoming enemies, are planned.
  • Smash and destroy almost any item in the game.
  • Real-time action-oriented combat mechanics.  One click = one swing.
  • Battle fierce enemies.  From the common wolf or the mundane rat to incredible golems and horrifying undead.
  • Jump between offensive and defensive stances to block and parry attacks.  Perform defensive maneuvers like kicks and shield bashes.
  • Wield hundreds of different weapons and use different weapon styles; swords, axes, maces, hammers, spears, javelins, bows, crossbows, daggers, knives, one handed weapons and giant two-handed weapons.  If one weapon isn’t enough why not use two?  Dual wield any two one-handed weapons for double the fun.
  • Find and collect rare items and artifacts.
  • Interact with friendly and hostile NPCs.
  • Participate in dynamically generated quests.
  • Experience a breathtaking dynamic weather system and dynamic day and night system.
  • Enjoy a brief, optional story campaign “Gnostaria: Golem Wars” and take part in the exciting story of golem-kind throughout the realm.  Can a golem really have a heart of gold?
  • And much more!

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