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Mass Effect 3 - Survey @ masseffect-universe.de - can be answered in English

by Aries100, 2012-05-02 00:54:50

Majinbuu1307 from the BSN's ME3 forums has discovered an online survey about Mass Effect that Bioware apparently is making. It would certainly seem this way since the words leading up to the survey are these:

Hi community!

Mass Effect 3 has now been on the market for almost one and a half months and most of you beated it by now. Shortly after the release there was a lot of criticism regarding the DLC “From Ashes” and the endings of the Shepard trilogy. Please tell us how good or bad Mass Effect 3 was in your opinion. To evaluate that, we launched a survey and hope that you will fill it out. We are going to send the results of the survey to Bioware and EA, so it would be great, if as many as possible of you could fill it out. Please rate the game and tell us also whether the endings had a big influence on your rating, choose your biggest emotional moments and tell us what you think of the new multiplayer. All this and a lot more is included in the survey. Please fill out the survey and also tell your friends about it, for we need as many results as possible to be considered relevant. If anything isn’t clear, or if you want to give critical feedback regarding our survey, you can do this using the commentary function below. The staff of MEU will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you for your answers and have fun with Mass Effect!

A link to the survey - can be answered in both German and English.  Just click Launch Survey and select the language you'll be using when answering this survey. The survey is an extensive one and does require you to have played the game - yes, the ending as well.


In this thread at the BSN ME3 forums, Doom Maniac mentions Jessica Merizan's
tweet about this survey (quote taken from DoomManiac's thread since no tweet link to Jessica M.'s post on Twitter was given)

"After you've finished ME3, fill out this survey conducted by our German community :) Can't wait to read the results!"

Source: BioWare

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