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Risen 2 - Dev Diary #6, Decisions

by Dhruin, 2012-05-09 22:05:12

The sixth and last The Making of Risen 2 video covers both decisions the developers made and in-game choices and reactions. Here's the press release:

Episode #6 of The Making of Risen 2: Dark Waters - Decisions
9th May 2012 - Hampshire, UK... Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes today released the sixth and final episode of the six-part making of series for the game Risen 2: Dark Waters.

This time, the developers from Piranha Bytes elaborate on:
- how they approached the creation of a game by first designing the game world and the reasons why inhabitants live in certain locations as a basis to create believable storylines and quests
- how the NPCs react to players choices in dialogues and how the 150.000 spoken words craft the personalization of the game
- why they decided to change the character development in contrast to the first Risen game
- and why they believe that a hero with a fixed history allows for better and deeper storytelling than a custom character created from scratch.

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