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Shadowrun Returns - Second Survey

by Skavenhorde, 2012-05-11 08:54:37

A survey for which second city should be in Shadowrun Returns was sent out. Here are the details on the cities:


Berlin has seen many wars in its history and the Awakened World did not spare it. The EuroWars left it crushed yet again, but like a phoenix it continues to rise from the ashes. While the more modern western half turned to the corps, the more volatile eastern residents voted with their Molotov cocktails that anarchy was the way to go. The result is that Berlin is a dynamic dichotomy; home to many of Europe’s top corps, including the great dragon Lofwyr’s Seader-Krupp and Daimler-Benz, and home to Europe’s biggest collection of fixers, data thieves and gangs. Every runner considers it a badge of honor to run the streets of Berlin.



In the early 2050s, Chicago was your typical massive American sprawl. At least it was until anarchists blew up the Sears Tower. The falling debris destroyed blocks’ worth of buildings crushing thousands of people. No one has rebuilt any of it in the years since; the ghosts of the dead are said to haunt the area, and the increasing presence of ghouls there earned it the name “Shattergraves.” The rest of the Loop was likewise left to rot, and eventually become fully controlled by the Mafia. And don’t even get us started on the bugs, more and more of these magical entities that see humanity as a good place to lay their eggs seem to appear there.



The Treaty of Denver balkanized this city and now 6 countries control of parts of this sprawl. In an arrangement that made almost nobody happy, the new “owners” decided to wall off their sections from each other. That turned Denver into a smuggler’s paradise and a shadowrunner’s secret love…so many borders, so much valuable goods to sneak across them ... who could ask for anything more? And if that wasn’t enough to get a runner’s blood going, Denver is home to the Nexus. Known as the Denver Data Haven, it is the North American hub of information, and data exchange. And remember children, knowledge is power.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong finds itself now as an independent city/state in 2050. Both ancient and modern Hong Kong seems to be at peace on the same island. It’s corporate sponsored City Center rivals any in the world for splendor and corporate intrigue. All the megcorps are there as well as all smaller ones that love to think they can play with the big boys (and maybe even steal a secret or two). Yet, just outside the city center you will find ancient temples and shrines. Each one situated on the many dragon lines that cross the island. Dragon lines are mysterious and powerful paths of magic that the monks claim hold the secrets of the great dragons themselves. Protecting the monks and running the underworld are the mysterious syndicate called the Triads – gangs that control their island, protect their secret masters and really really hate the Yakuza.



Buckingham Palace, the West End, the Tube, the Castles, Big Ben…it all screams welcome to London, but in 2050 London is not the sparkling jewel it once was. Sure you get those sunny days that allow you to walk the cobblestones of history. But now, the fog and rain are toxic, forcing the creation of the West End Underplex - a thriving city that tries to keep the mood and feel of London artificially alive underneath the acid washed old city. London is a nightmare which contains the bright palaces and friendly pubs as well as the ghetto of lost humanity called “the squeeze” but all of it is under the very heavy thumb of the city's Lord Protector.


More Seattle

Seattle is the home city of the Shadowrun Universe and where the game will be initially set. One option for the game’s “second city” is to add MORE depth to Seattle. Specifically we could add the following: a bigger chunk of the Renraku Arcology (remember it is home to 100,000 employees), a larger version of the Ork Underground, it’s an entire world beneath the streets of the Seattle metroplex, and Council Island where we can show the Native American Tribes flexing their newfound magical and military muscles.

My vote went for Hong Kong.  Asian ancient temples next to a modern day metropolis is too good to pass on. That plus the gangs, dragon lines and megacorps all rolled into one area sounds like a lot of fun.

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