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Grim Dawn - Interview @ IncGamers

by Dhruin, 2012-05-14 22:35:25

Arthur Bruno from Crate has been interviewed at IncGamers, discussing Grim Dawn but also some history about Titan Quest. Interestingly, it seems Amalur sank Iron Lore when THQ decided to purchase Big Huge Games:

IG: Would Iron Lore have looked at creating a Titan Quest sequel or was that never on the cards?

AB: That was actually part of the problem, they were fully expecting to do a sequel and were laying the groundwork for it when THQ basically said they weren’t interested in another PC-only game and wanted to see a new, multi-platform IP.  So, they changed course, started working on a multi-platform ARPG with a 3rd person, over the shoulder camera and action-style combat.  It was sort of like Oblivion meets Gears of War.  It was actually rather similar to the recently released Kingdoms of Amalur but in a darker, grittier setting. 

Coincidentally, we were all set to begin development with THQ when they suddenly pulled the plug and decided to buy Big Huge Games instead.  They had been talking to BHG about a multi-platform RPG at the same time as Iron Lore and from what I heard, once BHG got Ken Rolston to sign on, THQ basically wet their pants and couldn’t buy them fast enough.  After that, Iron Lore just couldn’t gain traction on a deal with another publisher fast enough and they ran out of money.

Since THQ owned the rights to Titan Quest, Iron Lore couldn’t just shop it around to another publisher, so it was basically dead at that point.

There's also a Kickstarter update, offering new music ($377k, 4 days to go).

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