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The Banner Saga - Updates

by Dhruin, 2012-05-16 22:35:46

Stoic points to a couple of Banner Saga updates, with Technical Blog #0 talking about their first programmer hire Victor Ude and his current work integrating sound.

In What is Told, the first of a series of lore updates is provided:

A lot of things were on Hafr’s mind.

Foremost was the ache that had found its way into his feet, unaccustomed as they were to shuffling across hard rock in thin leather shoes. The intricately carved walking stick in his hand had become more of an anchor than an aid. Aside from that, there was the complex pattern he had been failing to memorize for a week, the cumbersome bundle of books and scrolls boring into his shoulders and the irksome memory of a disappointing conclusion to an awkward conversation he had left on the lips of a girl. It chafed, looping over and over in his head with nothing but backcountry paths to distract him from it, and no recourse to be taken. At least, not until he was done with this, another pointless errand.

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