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The Banner Saga - What is Told, Part 2

by Dhruin, 2012-05-23 01:06:15

Stoic Studio has posted another lore snippet for The Banner Saga with the second part of What is Told:

When Hafr finally did sleep it was poor and fitful, a combination of discomfort and disturbed dreams, so that when the sun arose the next morning he was more exhausted than before he had fallen asleep.

Again, Bersi sat across from him quietly, leafing through one of Hafr’s books. Hafr groggily recognized the cover as “Antiquity of Man”, a dry chronicle of history he had been made to memorize several times over.

“This is some dire stuff, Goat,” moaned Bersi. “Is this what they have you do all day? I’d rather stab myself in the sack.”

“I’ve read worse,” choked Hafr, betraying no minor discomfort.

“Have you?” contemplated Bersi. “You know this is all I’ve had to distract myself with for half a day?” It was true; through the leaves above his head Hafr could see that the sun was already high in the sky. Despite his discomfort he had been in and out of consciousness for half a day. “Must be thirsty?” grinned Bersi, suddenly mischievous.

Hafr nodded, uncertain where this would go. Bersi instead cracked the book to a page he had previously dog-eared.

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