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Kickstarter - Legends of Eisenwald Funding Complete

by Dhruin, 2012-05-23 09:50:53

The Kickstarter for Legends of Eisenwald finished yesterday with a total of $83,577 - just shy of one of the stretch goals, but a good effort against their $50k goal. From the update:

It’s official – Legends of Eisenwald will be made!

Thank you all, our great and amazing 2729 backers! Thank you who just backed our project, thank you for all our active backers who spread the word about us and thank you who didn’t get upset with 4 letters sent to them :) Thank you Kickstarter that it exists and helps bring to life many different projects.

This month brought us a lot of new experiences. We answered to the questions of journalists, wrote press releases and compiled press packs, argued a lot about new ideas how to attract new backers. We followed how our project was becoming more popular and read on forums what is written about us and participated in some of the forums ourselves. We got used to that and we have to admit we are going to miss Kickstarter!

Also, while we didn’t reach our stretch goal at 85k, the hope is not lost! Maybe we will get the missing amount through Paypal and Yandex money. And since castle assault was more popular, maybe we can even get to that goal there.

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