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Gnoblins - Revealed

by Dhruin, 2012-05-26 03:06:28

Gnoblins is first-person RPG with "roguelike features" that I've not heard of before but is now featured on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. There's a playable Alpha, so give it a go and let us know about it in the comments:

Gnoblins is called Gnoblins and that’s pretty much all I needed to know to convince me that downloading the freely available alpha version might be a very good idea indeed. That it turns out to be a first person RPG, with roguelike features such as random levels, lots of items to equip and mysterious dangers to discover. The Gnoblins themselves are minions, to be added in a future release, that will apparently provide an RTS element to the game and there’s even mention of developing areas of the dungeon for your own use. Dungeon Keeper plus roguelike plus Ultima Underworld? Let’s hope so. It’s tremendously exciting, even if the early version is obviously missing lots of planned features and content. Try the alpha and if your name is Richard Cobbett, click more.

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