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Gods & Heroes: Update Q&A @ GameSpot

by Dhruin, 2006-09-17 22:37:00
Perpetual's Stieg Hedlund has spoken to GameSpot about Gods & Rising, covering "Character Customization, Roman Gods, and Combat":
GameSpot: Tell us about character creation in Gods & Heroes. What choices will you have when creating a character? What sort of customization options are there to make sure your character looks unique in an online world populated by thousands of characters?

Stieg Hedlund: There has been a lot of work done on our character creation system lately, and there's a focus on giving the player as few or as many options as they want. When you start the game, you can click through some basic choices and start playing or you can dig down into the advanced options and play with the various sliders to alter everything from height and weight to minute facial features. We'll also be allowing players to pick colors that will appear on tunics and armor. These colors will also affect your minions, appearing on their equipment, as well. So you'll be running around and see someone run by with their squad, and you'll be able to recognize them based on their color schemes.

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