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The Banner Saga - Technical Blog #1

by Dhruin, 2012-05-28 23:20:29

Stoic kicked up their second technical blog entry for The Banner Saga a few days back, though again, this is aimed at programmers and techies:

As predicted in the last update, Jeff Uriarte has gotten started on the team and is working hard on the tools for building out our scenes and landscapes in-game. We have been working out the technical details of making the scenes as seamless as possible whether it is depicting the traveling caravan, a battle, or a town. We have figured out a good way to make these all part of the same rendering system, and are now working toward that.

Victor is making good progress on the FMOD integration. We have FMOD up and running in the game on our Windows build. The initial prototype was done using Visual Studio (with which we are both very familiar). To support our multi-platform approach Victor hoisted the code into Eclipse CDE and configured everything to build properly there. We are using CDE in Eclipse Indigo (the newest) rather than in Flash Builder, because Flash Builder is still on Eclipse Helios (an older version).

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