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Night Watch: Review @ gameSlave

by Dhruin, 2006-09-17 22:43:00
6/10 is the score for Nival's Night Watch in gameSlave's review:
For such a simple concept (dark against light), Night Watch remains stubbornly convoluted. Thrust into the action straight away, we join Stas, a normal man who discovers he is an Other. Yet Stas has an unbelievable level of pre-knowledge for someone who's never encountered Russian sorcerers before. Ten minutes after being told he has special powers, he's nonchalantly shape-shifting into a bulldog without too many questions. Add another five and he's happily bantering with vampires and werewolves. Just another day in Moscow?

Yet it's this casual approach to story-telling that really hurts the game. As the player, we need someone to anchor us in and fully explain what's going on, as we learn through their eyes. Stas offers no such relief in Night Watch. The plot remains horribly messy and confusing, which is not a good thing for an RPG. I say RPG, but in truth Night Watch plays much more like an interactive novel at times, overloaded with lots of very long cut-scenes. Every event is told using an in-game engine cut-scene, often intruding on combat scenes. Perhaps this wouldn't be such a problem if not for the dated engine.

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