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Risen 2 - Facebook Treasure Hunt

by Dhruin, 2012-05-30 00:44:14

We received the following press release for a Risen 2 treasure hunt on Facebook:

Treasure hunt for Risen 2TM: Dark Waters starts on Facebook today!
Tuesday 29th May 2012 – Hampshire, UK/.. Set the sails and lift the anchor! The Treasures App for Risen 2 will start on Facebook today and will allow aspiring pirates and sailors to immerse themselves into the world of the Southern Seas from the game Risen 2: Dark Waters.

Participants in this treasure hunt are even able to recruit a loyal crew out of their Facebook friends and obtain a ship to find the legendary treasure of the old pirate captains!

A wealth of other booty awaits them along the way, but if they are bold and cunning enough to face and master the tasks and adventures that await them, they will get the chance to find the greatest of all treasures - a sailing trip for them and their crew in the Caribbean!


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