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Risen 2 - Review Roundup

by Dhruin, 2012-05-30 23:08:55

Readers have sent in a handful of Risen 2 reviews over the last week or so, so I'll collect them here.

Thrasher notes PC Gamer's review, which is rather negative and carries a score of 61%:

Fetch quests are endemic to Risen 2. The store-guarding frog man of that example asked me to collect six smashed boxes washed up on a beach from a wreck, to recover the most important parts of the ship. I stepped over perfectly useful anchors and oars in order to collect all six boxes, each as arbitrary and seemingly useless as the last. Filler quests don’t get much more thrilling as the game goes on, either. Mooching around a tribal village, I was asked by a woman stirring a pot to collect offerings for a festival from four people. Three of those people stood no less than ten paces away from her. The fourth was 30 seconds up the road. Whatever was in that pot, it must have been incredibly important.

Daniel points out the German-language review at GBase, with a score of 8/10.

Newman sends word of the review at GamesDot.org, with the rather high score of 88%:

Either way, the game you will finish as it will never manage to bore with uninteresting stuff you like many other AAAAA++ titles from big studios these days. Piranha Bytes produced a fun to play well polished pirate-adventure-rpg mix bred game which will bring back fond memories of games such as Ultima Ascension, Monkey Island and Gothic at least but still come fresh and piratey. Which is hard to do if you think about it. Also no bugs invaded my game this time around and neither did they in the previous Risen so this does away with the other meme about Piranha Bytes.

...and I'll thow in the Zero Punctuation review, with the usual humour.

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