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Game of Thrones - Review @ RPS

by Dhruin, 2012-06-01 23:22:37

Alec Meer from Rock, Paper, Shotgun has penned a Game of Thrones Wot I Think based on that rare of rare items, the PC version. Alec has a number of criticisms but finds the script is "faithful in an intrinsic way" and the tactical combat builds nicely after a very slow opening. A great read, if you've been thinking about this game:

It’s made from two key ingredients: a fleshed-out and surprising narrative that weaves in and out of the events of the first Song of Ice & Fire book/season of the TV show without either disrupting them or being undermined by them, and combat that blossoms from stilted beginnings into highly tactical crowd control. Also, stealth missions starring a psychic dog. It’s grand and sprawling and silly and brutal and will make about as much sense as a sheep wearing a tie to anyone not reasonably au fait with the books or TV show, and it’s a hard sell for sure. It might also be the most fascinating mainstream game I’ve played this year.

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