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South Park RPG - Previews @ GameSpot, Kotaku, NZ Gamers

by Dhruin, 2012-06-06 23:09:59

Here's a trio of South Park articles, though don't expect much new.

GameSpot talks between staffers about what they've seen in a video interspersed with footage from the trailer.

Kotaku thinks it's one of the best things they've seen at E3:

Next-gen graphics? Innovative controls? Nonsense. The best thing I've seen at E3 so far is a video game based on an animated TV show.

...and from NZ Gamers:

But it does look like there will be a reasonable degree of sophistication in the titles weapon loadout and customisation. We did see evidence of serious thought being put into how the RPG mechanic works. There are a range of armours and weapons to choose from - and all of them come with Parker and Stone's unique twist. For example, in lieu of a sword, your character can equip himself with Cartman's mum's dildo. Apparently its quite ferocious.

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