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Dragon Commander - Preview @ Destructoid

by Dhruin, 2012-06-07 13:46:30

Destructoid has a preview of Dragon Commander, saying the game has been a "personal highlight of the show so far". Multiplayer is also revealed in passing. Here's a snip on some of the systems:

Dragon Commander consists of multiple stages of play, each one appearing to be well crafted. From the player's main airship, the Raven, various political and social activities can be undertaken. Advisers will suggest new courses of action, which can be followed or ignored at will, and ambassadors from other kingdoms can appear to offer various alliances. A princess from one of the kingdoms can be married and visited in the bedroom for advice, and each marriage will affect the realm in various ways. In the demo, the player divorced his elven bride and married a dwarven one, causing various provinces to rise up in rebellion but gaining the trust of the dwarf faction. 

Lar also has a blog post on the reception for Dragon Commander at E3, so far.

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