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Kickstarter - Xenonauts Campaign Closes

by Dhruin, 2012-06-11 10:18:52

Xenonaut's Kickstarter campaign has ended on $154k (of $50k goal) - a fantastic result. This update outlines the stretch goals that were achieved:

  • Dedicated level designer!
  • Indoor terror missions!
  • Soviet Town tileset!
  • Tileset-specific AI soldiers!
  • Female soldiers!
  • Mac / Linux port on release!
  • The new UI design will be rolled out across the whole game (ideally with the background art updating as you research new technology)!
  • Soldier combat medal system!
  • Battlefield suppression mechanics!
  • Animated battlefield tiles!
  • A DRM-free version of the game on release!
  • 80 extra soldier portaits!

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Setting: Historical
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