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Grim Dawn - Greetings from Zantai

by Dhruin, 2012-06-11 22:17:38

Grim Dawn followers might be interested to meet Zantai, a new designer at Crate and ex-38 Studios developer:

Greetings people of the internet, especially you fantastic supporters of Grim Dawn. My name is Kamil “Zantai” Marczewski, and I have joined Arthur Bruno on his noble quest of bringing you one of the most memorable ARPG experiences to date. Specifically, my job will be to game the design, or possibly breathe life and mystery into the dark world of Cairn…or was it to consume energy drinks at an unhealthy pace to achieve a state of nirvana?

For the vast majority of you who do not know me, I started my game design career at the ripe age of twelve, building Starcraft mods. That passion has only grown over the years as I moved on to more complex and ambitious projects. My last modding work involved the once popular Starcraft II mod “Zerg Hunter RPG”(www.zhrpg.net). Since then, I had moved on to professional design work at 38 Studios where I was responsible for creating game content, including some very complicated scripted event work. As you may have heard, 38 Studios had recently closed amidst a rather unpleasant financial disaster that left many very talented people without work in a matter of weeks.

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