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The Banner Saga - What Is Told

by Dhruin, 2012-06-13 00:51:05

The final part of The Banner Saga's What is Told lore story has been released. Looking at our news posts, we've missed a couple of these, but they'll all linked from this last piece if you want to read them all:

A scream stuck in Hafr’s throat at the sight of the towering giant before him, and then a long, silent moment passed between the newly liberated captive and his former captor. Bersi’s unflinching glare was the most dreadful thing Hafr could imagine, and it was unrelenting.

Finally, mercifully, the varl stepped back and quietly sat on the rock he must have been propped up against before Hafr has emerged from the trees. Hafr’s bag slumped beside him and he resumed reading one of the books, just as Hafr had always seen him before.

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