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Krater - Review @ Qt3

by Dhruin, 2012-06-15 23:01:15

The first review we've seen of Krater comes from Tom Chick at QuartertoThree, who slams the game with a 1-star critique. Here's a sample:

Krater is what you would get if Martians came to Earth and tried to make a Diablo clone, having never played a videogame before. It’s got a whole slew of minor issues that will presumably be addressed in a patch or two. It’s also got some major issues that may or may not be addressed after a patch or two. But most damning are some fundamental design issues that can only be addressed by playing a different game.

The minor issues include awful inventory management, unresponsive mousing, a cramped interface, missing functionality on the overworld map, AWOL multiplayer support, and a few too many technical glitches. The major issues include loot that feels almost entirely like trash, a superfluous crafting system, being shunted through loading screens so often, an overworld map straight out of some lazy JRPG, repetitive content, and no incentive to play the harder difficulty levels.

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