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Mage: Knight: Apocalypse - First Look @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2006-09-18 22:50:00
RPG Vault has kicked up one of their short intro pieces with a First Look at Mage Knight: Apocalypse:
The Mage Knight property provides a rich setting for the title, allowing it to draw upon extensive lore including the interactions and conflicts among a range of races and interest groups. The Draconum Mage, Vampire Nightblade, Amazon Huntress, Dwarf Gunner and Elven Guardian comprise a diverse selection of playable characters, and each has its own three unique skill trees. Advancement is usage-based, depending upon the skills you employ. The item customization system is very flexible, using mage stones that can be combined in many ways, and that can also be removed and reused. Single-player characters may be used in the cooperative multiplayer mode to build them up and to acquire better equipment. The art direction appears to capture the look and feel of the franchise.

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