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The Banner Saga - Update #18

by Dhruin, 2012-06-19 00:43:47

Stoic has posted a new update for The Banner Saga, discussing the distribution of Kickstarter prizes and announcing a new art blog for the game:

We start every character (Re: class) with a sketch phase where we try out different looks and styles. What's this classes job in combat? Are they heavily armored or are they a damage dealer?Since we've set the Banner Saga in a low fantasy setting it's important to us to make a viking look like a viking, not some random fantasy barbarian with huge shoulder pads and spikes and...whatever. Keeping every class looking like they could exist in a real world is the major motivating factor behind each design. Here's the final sketch of the Axeman, which eventually became the Backbiter, one of the upgraded, or promoted versions of the base Axeman.

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