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Torchlight II - Preview @ TPG

by Dhruin, 2012-06-19 01:08:24

Torchlight II has been previewed at True PC Gaming:

One of the biggest differences immediately recognizable is the desertion of Torchlight as a hub town where players were stuck in a perpetual loop of dungeon-to-hub-to-dungeon slogging that dragged down the previous experience. Players will find themselves scouring large fields with branching passageways allowing for a bit of exploration which deviates from the beaten path. Personally, I enjoy being able to go off on my own adventure from time to time and not be penalized for it by the game not offering an equally gratifying experience. Once out in the wilds, I found myself in the middle of an orc town with dozens of lackeys bearing down on me from the entrance. Huts, fires, and the general scatterings of a hastily-pitched campsite were strewn about as I navigated the maze of hovels only to eventually run into the inhospitable leader of the pack, who put up quite the fight. Once defeated, I was able to loot a huge chest in the center of the village, rewarding me for my decision to go off and discover the surprisingly expansive environments on my own. This entire encounter had absolutely no bearing on the story, or my character at all, yet it was leaps and bounds more rewarding then the side quests of the original Torchlight. This is a welcome direction for a game that could have easily stuck to its original formula and forced the player into a bubble.

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