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Space Rangers HD - Interview @ Play Scifi

by Dhruin, 2012-06-19 01:20:42

There's an interview with Sergey Gerasev from 1C at Play Scifi to talk about the Space Rangers 2 HD project:

PSF: Sounds promising. What sort of new content can we expect in A War Apart? More of the same?

Sergey Gerasev: As I have mentioned above A War Apart is a new side scenario. In addition to war with the Dominators one of the pirate clans starts its war against the Coalition. Players can now choose from additional options: become a bloody pirate without honor or try to work as an agent under cover. As for the main scenario we have new text quests, planetary battles, ships, devices, etc. Battles in the hyperspace (arcade battles) now have a special button in the main menu for gamers who want to play them apart outside the main game.

PSF: Why did you decide to expand piracy in the game? Was it something you felt was lacking from previous releases?

Sergey Gerasev: The entire history of mankind clearly states that in wartimes bad guys become a powerful force. It was easy to imagine their urge to bring anarchy to the world.

PSF: Fans seem keen to have as many new text quests as possible. Will you be providing them?

Sergey Gerasev: Apart from the newly made text quests we also have some quests, which were never translated for the original game. We will try to include them as well.

Source: Blues News

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