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Risen 2 - ModStarter v2.0 Released

by Gorath, 2012-06-21 20:58:07

If you want to play Risen 2 mods you definitely want the ModStarter v.2.0.

Main Risen 2 - Mod Starter features:


- Mods Online DB*
- Providing short text info and image-preview for every mod.
- Installing few mods (in any combinations) at same time.
- Deleting installed mods by clicking on one "Delete" button.
- Supporting all Risen 2 language versions (recompiling strings.pak)
- Steam Patches compatible**
- Automatic R2MDS updater (version checker & updater).
- SaveGames manager***
- Integrated Tools****
- Multilanguage interface (RU/DE/EN/UA/IT/PL/CZ/ES).

*    You are able to download/upload new mods from/to InetDB.

**    If new patch will rewrite any of already installed mods,
    then on next R2MDS launch, it will automatically delete all
    untouched mod files and will ask user to reinstall mods to
    make them works again.

***    Changing SaveGames locations  on request, optionally making
    SaveGames from different mods combinations not compatible/
    not visible)

****    Risenaut, RisenPAK, RisenTAB, RisenCSV, Risen 2 Tune, FNT
    Editor. In "...\R2MDS\Readme\" folder you can find all
    readme files for any of this tools.

Grab it on World of Risen.

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