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Skyrim - Interview Dawnguard DLC @I.Eat.Games

by Aries100, 2012-06-27 18:16:44

The blog I.Eat.Games has talked to Bethesda's Lead Artist Matt Carafano - they've talked about process behind creating the DLC for Skyrim, what the new consoles mean for Bethesda's development of games, and much much more. Link to the blog:

A quote about the creation of additional content, DLC, for Skyrim:

Creating additional content for a AAA game like Skyrim well after it’s shipped doesn’t appear to be the norm in the industry. Does this speak to the culture at Bethesda Game Studios? Do you think future DLC is going to develop this way too?
When we were looking to do the Dawnguard DLC we were just looking to see how we could make the game even better, how we could add to Skyrim but tell this specific story. It was something we didn’t plan when we were working on Skyrim, it actually happened afterwards. You know, we kicked around a lot of ideas so we could see what would be a good fit. For future DLC maybe we’ll do something like that again.

And a question about if Bethesda have any plans to update their Creation Engine:

As we transition over to a new generation of consoles, I’m curious if Bethesda Game Studios has any plans to build an entirely new engine from the ground up? Update the existing Creation engine, or perhaps utilize the latest IDTECH?
We’re really happy with the creation engine. We remade every aspect of it for Skyrim and it’s a really good base for us to do the types of games we want to do.  So I suspect, going forward, I don’t know what we’re going to end up doing. This engine has been really good for us and [The Elder Scrolls games]. I mean everything is brand new from Fallout 3.

Source: GameBanshee

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