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Mass Effect 3 - Extended Cut Review @ RPS

by Dhruin, 2012-06-28 22:42:26

John Walker has reviewed the freshly released Extended Cut for Mass Effect 3, although those that joined the masses storming BioWare's walls when the game was originally released might note he liked the original ending enough.

Spoilers follow in this excerpt - so be warned.

I won’t repeat myself on why I enjoyed the original endings. And I’m just so damned delighted to see the giant F-YOU that BioWare have given to those demanding they rewrite it. All three endings have been enormously embellished, lots of new detail and fixes have been added, and there’s a fourth brand new ending too. But they’ve stuck to their vision, and kept an ending that sees Shepard sacrifice her life in order to bring about massive change to the galaxy. Change that, sure, makes lots of what came before seem irrelevant. Because that’s what change does.

Eurogamer also writes about the Extended Cut, although it isn't a review:

As far as the parts we already saw go, very little has changed and nothing of any great import. There are some new scenes, a few new lines and some clarification, but at heart we're dealing with a (much needed) editing pass rather than an intensive rewrite. We find out why the Normandy apparently abandoned Shepard at the end for instance, but understandably other more fundamental problems remain.

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