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Dungeons of Dredmor - Conquest of the Wizardlands Details

by Dhruin, 2012-06-29 23:31:03

Gaslamp has posted a lengthy blog entry on their upcoming Dungeons of Dredmor expansion, Conquest of the Wizardlands. As they say in the opening, rather than present a typical feature list, they've delved into the some of the design decisions as well:

Pocket Dimensions & You: A Room Without a View

How’s it work? Simple: find some keys to the pocket dimension that a sodden wizard left in the dungeon (the game will make sure you keep finding keys until you pick the stupid things up). Once acquired, a new UI element appears which allows you to jump into the pocket dimension as if you were using a skill.

Like a skill, this dimensional key has a cooldown. When you return from the Pocket Dimension back to the dungeon, you will appear in the same space. Note that time and magic work differently and handwave handwave cough something or other so you can’t heal or digest food and booze in the pocket dimension or otherwise exploit it to get out of trouble.

Unless you go from the Pocket Dimension to The Wizardlands. But that has risks of its own.

But let’s back up a bit from all that and talk about limited inventory space.

Inventory has been a problem in Dredmor forever. This is of course a game based around finding piles upon piles of silly objects in the grand tradition of looting that made games like Diablo strangely compelling. We need the multitude of items for the sake of the act of looting as well as to be a vehicle for delivering so much of the humor and backstory – such as it is – of the Dredmor universe. In short, Dredmor wouldn’t be Dredmor without all the useless crap lying around. [...]

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