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Of Orcs and Men - New Website, Trailer

by Dhruin, 2012-07-07 01:09:01

The official Of Orcs and Men site has been launched and a new trailer released to celebrate. Here's a snip from the accompanying press release:

This gorgeous video lets you discover more about the story and the universe of the game. It unveils some of the many places you'll explore on your quest while playing as Arkaïl, a fearsome Orc warrior from the legendary legion of Bloodjaws, and Styx, a Goblin master of the assassin arts. Sent on a suicide mission at the heart of the Empire of Men, these two atypical heroes who don't otherwise get along will have to unite their efforts and skill to make their perilous mission a success: to assassinate the Emperor of Men himself.

...and the trailer:

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