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Shadowrun Returns - Q&A, Concept Art

by Dhruin, 2012-07-10 23:43:58

The Shadowrun Returns Q&A we posted about a couple of weeks back, with Sally from Harebrained hitting up Mitch and Jordan SRR with community-submitted questions in a video interview:

And voila: our Mitch and Jordan SRR Q&A! As most of you know, Mitch and Jordan had no idea what they were going to be asked, so all their answers are deliciously raw. But as far as those answers go, you know the drill: everything’s a work in progress, ideas are subject to change, some ideas in the video just burst up on the spot—all that jazz. Basically, the video’s totally honest, but honest for what’s true right now. As with all game development, we have to balance what’s cool versus time and money. And some of our ideas just don’t come out the way we imagine them. But hey, we hope this video will show that we’re not only listening to your questions and suggestions, but also that we appreciate them. Having such an enthusiastic crowd supporting our work is pretty much the best. We look forward to reading your comments, debates and constructive suggestions. Thanks again for everything!

Harebrained has also released some early concept art on this page.

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