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The Banner Saga - Update #20

by Dhruin, 2012-07-12 22:52:35

There's a new update for The Banner Saga, explaining Stoic has made excellent progress and a combat demo is getting close, having just transitioned to Beta:

As a lot of the mundane but time-consuming aspects of running a business settle down (changing banks and setting up quickbooks... ugh), we've now entered a very critical period of development. As we've mentioned before, we're working exclusively on the combat system for the full game now, and we'll be releasing this combat as a free standalone called Factions, in the near future. A free demo with both single player and multiplayer content, if you will. We're just now transitioning from alpha to beta on this combat release, which means going from playable to polished and balanced. This is a pretty critical part of the process and we're all buckling down for an intense couple of months.

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