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KoA: Reckoning - Failed to Meet Sales Expectations, CFO Says

by Aries100, 2012-07-13 23:29:23

WPRI is reporing that according to CFO Richard Wester and COO William Thomas KOA: Reckoning needed to sell at least 2 million copies [in total] before 38 Studios would make any money. This info was revealed in a hearing held in a Delaware Courthouse where they met with the creditors for 38 Studios, the company behind the game. Link to WPRI:

A relevant quote:

Wester estimated "Reckoning" has sold 1.3 million copies so far, which he said failed to meet 38 Studios' internal projections even though it beat Electronic Arts' more conservative forecast. Each copy sold for an average of about $50, and the company spent $30 million developing the game over 30 months, Thomas said. "I don't believe the company would see any more cash" from future sales of "Reckoning," Wester said. "If it gets up around 2 million, then I think you're at a point where [38 Studios] potentially will start to see some cash come in." Most games achieve 80% of their all-time sales during their first three months on the market, Thomas added.

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