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South Park RPG - Preview @ Joystiq

by Dhruin, 2012-07-15 14:14:58

Joystiq has a preview of South Park based on seeing two sequences at Comic-Con:

You get a quest, just like a "real" RPG, but it's Cartman telling you to go get him some Kung Pao chicken. Weapons can be modified to add poison or fire attacks, but the weapon is a toilet plunger, and the modifier makes characters vomit when sick. You put your name in at the beginning just like a standard RPG, but Cartman disregards whatever you type in and calls you Douchebag instead. When Cartman sets you off on your quest, he echoes all of those RPGs you've played before, before throwing the convention right into comedy land: "Will you seize your destiny," he asks, "or will you be a disappointment, like Butters?"

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