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Krater - Review Roundup # 2

by Aries100, 2012-07-16 22:11:01

Some more reviews for this game have been penned on various websites:

Good is a Geek  6/10

A quote about the gameplay

GAMEPLAY: A variation on the usual action-RPG style, Krater is as much a squad-based RPG as it is an action RPG. While all the hallmarks of the genre that Diablo popularised have returned, with point and click controls, a lot of loot and plenty of dungeon-based goodness, there’s less of an emphasis on levelling up and being attached to just one hero. In Krater, you have 3 characters at your disposal from a possible 4 classes: Retainer, Slayer, Bruiser and Medikus (all of which are slight variations on the usual Tank, Healer and DPS classes from most MMORPGs). With a level cap of only 15, and a ranking system requiring either the purchase of higher ranks from boot camps or recruitment of higher ranked characters, there’s not much emphasis on the RPG side of things.

Strategy Informer 7/10

A quote about the leveling:

Instead, the confusion comes from the levelling of your characters. You see, to carry on growing your team you have to pay money to people to increase their cap. Annoyingly this is never explained and it's only when you realise you're not gaining XP does it become apparent to the player. This alone doesn’t illicit a game-hating reaction, but when your team has the rudeness to fall over when out of health (four times being the maximum allowed), they'll find themselves subject to perma-death. Yes, only in gaming would death not be permanent enough and there be a requirement for a phrase that cements its infiniteness. Here’s looking at you Diablo Hardcore mode.

GameFront 62/100

A quote about recruitment: 

Recruitment is tied to location as much as funds, so finding the right team with the right abilities is a matter of going to the right towns, and that’s even more annoying. Dying out in the world means you get bounced to whatever town you were at last, and since Krater is kind of huge, that often means repeating a big trek. 

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Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: Action-RPG
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