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Legend of Grimrock - Review @ Just Adventure

by Dhruin, 2012-07-18 00:21:17

Adventure site Just Adventure takes a look at Legend of Grimrock, for a rating of 'B':

While not officially D&D compliant, the stats all appear to be well thought-out and balanced.

The magic system requires you to remember patterns.  Your magic user has a three-by-three grid and to cast a spell you must click on one to three of the nine possible squares.  Casting spells drains energy which gradually regenerates on its own.

You can sleep.

You must eat.

The game also has an auto-mapping feature which you can turn off if you want to use all that quadrille paper you may have lying around.

But is it fun?  I sure think so.  It is a true child of the genre I remember from decades ago and I am having a blast.  Will you enjoy it?  Well, are you old enough to have owned your own Amiga?  Or do you just enjoy a dungeon crawl which doesn't involve nonstop action?  If so, I recommend you give it a try.  For less than $15 US you certainly aren't risking much.

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