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Legend of Grimrock - Making the Ambient Tracks

by Dhruin, 2012-07-19 00:37:48

Almost Human continues their blog series on the making of Grimrock, looking at the music in this latest entry. Here's a snip, with some music samples also provided in the article:

Anyways so, now that we have some background music playing for you while you read, let’s start from the beginning. When we begun the Grimrock project we already had one good looping ambient soundscape that we could use that Markus “Captain” Kaarlonen of Poets of the Fall fame had made for one hobby game project that Petri and Olli had been working on some years ago. It was pretty much a perfect match for this game too but the only problem was that we needed more and we were on a tight budget. So that left me as the most practical option for creating the new tracks since I’ve been fiddling with electronic music as a hobby for a while and, with our salaries, I was pretty damn cheap too! ;)

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