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Obsidian Entertainment - Jason Fader AMAA @ Reddit

by Dhruin, 2012-07-22 09:57:48

I've filed this under "Obsidian" because the overwhelming number of questions relate to Fallout: New Vegas where Jason Fader was the lead producer, even though he has since left to be an indie. As is often the case with these Ask Me Almost Anything Q&As, picking a quote is hard:

Why'd you leave Obsidian?

Some of them got jobs at other studios since they needed to support themselves. For the rest, they're on my team and we're having a blast working together. You can find out more about our project here :-)
I was laid off in March with a bunch of the guys I worked on FNV with. I have no hard feelings about it. These things happen and Obsidian is a great studio. The following day most of us went out for drinks and that's when I was being asked by everyone when I would start my own studio. I wasn't planning on it at the time, but I wanted to keep this family together.

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