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Torchlight II - "Size Matters"

by Dhruin, 2012-07-22 10:13:55

This week's Torchlight II update looks at the bigger scale of the game compared to the original Torchlight - including an infographic, which highlights the differences (1200 "room layouts" compared to 330, for example):

In terms of scale, Torchlight II is close to 4x the scale of Torchlight 1 as far as assets go, and probably close to that as far as playtime. Ideally, the multiplayer that everyone has asked for will further increase the longevity of the game (we certainly hope so!) These are all new assets as well ( some monsters and weapons return from Torchlight, but they have all been recreated, or in the case of some individual weapons and shields, updated and repainted )

At any rate, wow. That's a lot of stuff. It makes me tired just looking at it, seeing how far we've come - and makes the last push seem that much less daunting.

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