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AO: Lost Eden - Q&A #7 @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2006-09-20 00:25:00
Funcom has kicked up their 7th Lost Eden Q&A at the official site:
How will the battlestations actually work gameplay wise, what will we be fighting over?

The battlestations allow players to fight for control over them in battles until one side meets the victory conditions. The battlestation is composed of a central hub area with three wings leading off from that central area. The hub and each of these wings each contain a control point. Holding these control points adds a number of victory points to your sides total until a pre-defined victory total is reached.

These points tick up every few minutes (we will balance the speed of these ticks during beta testing). The first side to reach the victory total win the battle and recieve their reward.
...and check out some new screens.

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