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Age of Pirates: Preview @ GamingExcellence

by Dhruin, 2006-06-06 07:55:00
Akella's Age of Pirates has been previewed at GamingExcellence - here's an excerpt:
With the pending theatrical release of the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean, it's no surprise that this year brings an influx of pirate-based games to all of our favorite platforms. From handhelds to consoles to the PC, they're everywhere. It's also no surprise then that Akella, who seem to have the high seas under their control with an extensive library of pirate games, are showing us the latest builds of two games based on this common theme. Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales and Age of Pirates: Captain Blood were both on display at the Playlogic booth this year at E3; we take a look at the former, a mix of the RPG and action/adventure genres that allows players to make their own choices regarding the gameplay and its outcome.

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Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales

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