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Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition Pricing and Release Dates

by Dhruin, 2012-07-26 23:06:51

The countdown on the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition site has finished and Beamdog/Overhaul has revealed pricing and availability, as well as PC preorders. The game will be released on PC, iPad and Mac on September 18th (Android TBA). Pricing varies - which will annoy some fans - $19.99 fo PC (10% discount for preorders) and $9.99 on iPad, for example. New player voices and portraits are available on iPad via in-app purchases and they appear to be included on PC, which might explain the pricing.

New content has also been revealed and 400 miscellaneous improvements are claimed, though we still don't have real screenshots (some widescreen shots are on the site but with no UI). From the PC section:

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for Windows contains the following enhancements:

  • New Adventure: The Black Pits
  • New Character: Dorn Il-Khan
  • New Character: Neera the Wild Mage
  • New Character: Rasaad yn Bashir
  • A new collection of player character voice sets
  • Native support for high resolution widescreen displays
  • Over 400 improvements to the original game
  • Improved multiplayer support, with connectivity between all platforms

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for Windows will be available as a direct download from Beamdog, with no client install necessary. Pre-purchasing will allow you to preload the game, so you can access it immediately after release.

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