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RPGWatch Feature: Path of Exile - A Preview for Solo RPGers

by Dhruin, 2012-07-30 12:55:17

VoxClamant looks at Grinding Gears' intriguing online 2D hack'n'slasher Path of Exile from the perspective of a solo player and finds much to like. Producer Chris Wilson also provides additional insight. A snip:

The standard label for PoE is "top-down RPG, single player (not party-based), client-based (4 GB download), hack-and-slash."  Path of Exile is designed to be equally accessible and playable for solo play, or for groups.   It is ironic that most reviewers will inevitably compare PoE to Diablo 3.  Yet my $60 (USD) copy of D3 lies idle and bored on my hard drive (a dumbed-down, linear, boring rehash of old ideas in a glitzy new box), while this new free game would be worth every bit of the premium prices charged by the recent releases in RPGs. 

Read it all here.

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