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Dishonored - Stealth Answers, AMA Edition

by Dhruin, 2012-07-30 22:33:10

The Bethblog offers more Stealth Answers for Dishonored, partly culled from the recent Reddit AMA, though there are a couple of new questions:

Reddit AMA

Q: Will there be a new game plus mechanic?

Arkane: While players do not have the option to restart the game with all powers unlocked (that seems to be the standard definition for “game plus” these days), replayability was a major focus for our team with Dishonored’s development. As fans of games like Deus Ex, Thief, and Fallout 3, we want the player to be able to approach the game in different ways each time they play through. As such, players will never be able to unlock all abilities or try every option in one playthrough.

Q: Can the game be completed with zero kills? How long would a total stealth play-through take (average, estimate)?

Arkane: Yes, you can complete the game without killing anyone. (It was a goal of ours.) And the world reflects that to some extent.

The game is about 12-24 hours in length. The variance there is related to how directly you play (vs side quests, exploration, etc).

As players we’re always trying to do things we didn’t do last time. Our programmers were all trying to do crazy weird variants this week. “The Falling Angel playthrough,” where you only kill by using drop-assassination.

Q:Is Dishonored open world, or linear with a variety of options?

Arkane: No, Dishonored is not open world, it is mission based. Each mission is built as a mini sandbox, so the missions are open and offer several paths and approaches.

Q:Can you tell us about how player’s actions and Chaos affect the world and narrative? Is it pre-scripted or more dynamic like low and mid-level gameplay?

Arkane: It’s a bit of both. For most players, the effects over the course of the game will be fairly subtle. The mission checks the current level of Chaos so far and the following can happen: More pools of rats, more people with the plague (weepers), lines of dialogue/attitudes changed, additional scenes here and there, and different endgames. Things like the rat pools feel like “mid level gameplay” as you say. Lines of dialogue are obviously a scripted reaction.

There are two main endings, but each has variations based on who lived or died.

Some of the Chaos effects are meant to be ‘felt’ more than overtly identified as they’re happening.

After the break, check out a speed run of new answers…

Q: Will you be able to use any of the environment, like vases, frying pans and the like as a weapon? 

Arkane: Some of the objects you see in the environment are movable and can be flung at characters.

Q: Does the Outsider interact with Corvo throughout the game, as you complete missions? 

Arkane: The Outsider shows up at various moments of the game, but not specifically as you complete missions

Q: Will you get any exp/achievements for “ghosting” missions? No kills, no alarms set, etc.

Arkane: Yes!

Q: Is dismemberment or decapitation possible?

Arkane: Yes!

Q: Will the PC version offer gamepad (360 controller) support?)

Arkane: Yes!

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