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The Banner Saga - Progress Report

by Dhruin, 2012-07-31 22:44:34

Stoic has kicked up a progress report on Kickstarter  for The Banner Saga. Backers can head over for details on prize progress but, for everyone else, here's an excerpt on the actual development:

I'm glad to say that we're starting to cross this threshold and we're seeing everything come together quickly on our first release. Since the last update we've accomplished:

  • Final art for every major combat UI
  • Final art for every major gameplay UI including upgrading, matchmaking and team-building as well as the option menus, combat resolution screen and many miscellaneous functions.
  • Final UI functionality for combat
  • Gold standard combat environment
  • Final, animating character portraits
  • Final base combat particles
  • Implemented the majority of the playable character animations
  • All tooltips for every ability and action in combat
  • The locomotion system that allows us to adjust the speed of an animation versus how fast they move across the screen to avoid the "sliding" effect common in 2D games
  • We've also made progress toward multiplayer functionality

With these latest changes we'll be able to send our contractors a working client so they can begin implementing sound effects, music and creating quality assurance test plans. Within days we'll be able to start playtesting the combat with outside testers.

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