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Dishonored - Previews @ Penny Arcade, The Verge

by Dhruin, 2012-08-05 14:00:19

Penny Arcade's Report feature looks at Arkane's Dishonored based on a demo at QuakeCon:

There are ways to finish the level that aren’t quite as elegant as solving the mystery and gracefully ending the life of your target. I was discovered killing a guard during one attempt, and I fled to a bedroom when the alarm was sounded. It was, oddly enough, the bedroom of the Boyle sisters themselves. They ran in as a group, hoping to hide, and found me there. I decided to murder all of them, just to be sure, and teleported down to the street and to safety. No one said the other sisters had to live.

The game tracks the level of “Chaos” you create when you kill people in this way, and the higher your Chaos rating, the more entropy is introduced into the world. The plague will spread and you will find more rats; the world will descend further into darkness. If you limit your killings to your targets, or even find ways to fulfill your missions by non-lethal means, you’ll find the opposite happening. Characters you spare may also decide to offer you assistance later in the game by sending you letters and items. The world may not seem better for having the Boyle sisters alive in it, but every death you cause in the game has a consequence. 

...as does The Verge:

My plan was to then harmlessly Blink my way out of the house, but the presence of "Observers" — guards who can nullify all your magic powers — scrapped that plan immediately. I gracefully slid across almost all of the foyer, slicing knees as I bashed through the front door. The heat was off me for a matter of seconds as the outside guard learned of the assassination, giving me enough time to scurry up a wall, blink onto a nearby balcony, and leap five stories into the channel, and exit, below.

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